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Mako Competition Freediver Fins 10-11 w/ 5mm socks really tight

This is my first pair of freedive fins so I just wanted some feedback. I dive the Monterey area so I need 5mm or 7mm socks. Im a size 10.5 shoe, and their size chart says that a 5mm sock will use their 10-11 pocket. I put them on and theyre super uncomfortable, just sitting in my room for a minute or two with them on is not pleasant. Are they supposed to be super tight? Ive only used open heel scuba fins before. Im considering returning for the 12-13 pockets and if theyre too loose with my 5mm socks, then ill go up to 7mm which might be better for here anyways. Any thoughts? I really just dont wanna spend the return shipping as well as the shipping back to me but if I have to I have to.
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