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Re: LA Feb tuna run?

sure there just depends on the Bluewater push which can change almost daily.
you can track it on some websites.

as you know, the Mississippi River empties out there. So even when the top is pure chocolate milk, you can often dive down...10, 20...30 feet and hit clear blue water. it can limit your sight distance due to lowering the light but the fish are there most of the time.

there's a "lump" to the east (I think it's call the horseshoe dome...a limestone rise) that folks H&L fish throwing out hundreds of pounds of chum which brings the big tunas in close....also the sharks....that's the reason I never jumped in and shot one but I could frequently see 60...80...even 100# tuna 10 feet under the boat....I screwed up one time and SHOT one from the boat...BIG mistake...though not only cost me $70 to replace my riffe shaft. You know sometimes a person (well....ME) should think through stupid stuff PRIOR to executing.

anyway, there's another lump at a heading of 190 out of Southwest pass called the "Midnight lump" that used to be the hot spot and I hear tell it's coming back too. it's only like 17 miles outside the river mouth, but it can be chocolate or clear depending on the day also.

I'm sure there's lots of folks that know a whole lot more than I do about it but I hope this gives you a start
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