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Re: The Collapse of the Gulf of Mexico Grouper Fishery

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Cool vid, Ben! Man...that little wreck must've been all alone like an oasis in a desert of sand. Did you actually find that one yourself whilst traveling? I'm sure there was a pretty indication on the screen that something was afoot, even in that low relief.

That wasn't my number. At the time I didn't have a side imaging system on my boat so we took my friends comm boat up there to hit all of his numbers and do some hunting for new ones. After this video I have not seen that little wreck nearly as good as productive. The fish moved out of the nature coast during that red tide event in 2015. Some came back. Most got caught when they moved south to more populated fishing areas. The head boats out of NPR and JP started catching big red groupers and gags on their 1/2 day "grunt" trips. The phenomenal fishing didn't last long.
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