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Shafts, American Notch

Have a few too many shafts, located in San Diego. Shipping might be an option, split the price:

Quantity x diameter x total length

(3) x 7.1mm x 72 Total Length, American Notch, flopper, 3 shark fins (NEW) $50 each

(1) x 7.1mm x 56.5 total length, american notch, threaded, 3 recessed loading notches (Used) (Addiction Shaft I believe) $40

(1) x 8mm x 39 , total length, threaded, american notch, 3 recessed loading notches (used) $20

(1) x 8mm x 24 total length, threaded, american notch, 2 recessed loading notches (used) $20

Message here or text 858-231-6190 for photos
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