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Talking Re: 2021 National Spearfishing Tournament!

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
My immune system has treated very well over the years. I lick door knobs to make it stronger.
LOL Too funny.

Red Tide. The timing is between these two major impact storms.

GWO’s senior research scientist Professor David Dilley says that - although there will be fewer storms than last year’s record breaking 30 named storms - the 2021 season will again have a near 100% probability for destructive United States hurricane landfalls.

The 2021 predictions by Professor Dilley - calls for 17 named storms which is still well above the long-term average of 12 named storms. There will be 8 hurricanes and 3 to 4 major hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin. The United States will have 4 to 5 hurricane landfalls and 2 major impact hurricane landfalls. Professor Dilley says that due to the landfalls occurring in more densely populated areas - this season will likely be more dangerous and costly for the United States than last year.

Professor Dilley stresses – “You should not simply focus on the predicted number of Atlantic Basin named storms. What is much more important is knowing how many United States landfalls there will be – and where they will occur”. The ability to predict landfall locations in advance is the reason Global Weather Oscillations is the foremost organization when it comes to hurricane predictions.

All kidding aside, Scott and Jim, this is great news that the Nationals happens in Florida. Good job! 👍
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