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Re: cracks on trigger area

Originally Posted by popgun pete View Post
I drill pin holes to size as at some time I may want to drive the pins out and I don't want the timber to crack. Once when dismantling a long-time favourite gun to my dismay one pin drove out taking out a thin surface wedge of timber with it. I had failed to paint over the end of the pins which were stainless steel (316) and seawater wicking in had set up crevice corrosion on the surface of the pins making them slightly rough. This roughness keyed on the timber and cracked the outer layer off on the away side as the pin drove out. The gun was over 20 years old and had always been rinsed after use, but the ocean environment is a tough place. I salvaged the situation by gluing the piece back and doing some refinishing before revarnishing and installing new pins and this time coating them on the ends. This made me realise why old-timers used brass or bronze pins, the copper kills organic nasties working on the timber and the corrosion is not a problem compared to steel (iron) rusting and growing. The chrome protection on stainless steel does not work when oxygen is excluded, like in a snug hole, even on the highest grades of stainless with a lot of chrome content such as 316.
Thanks for the knowledge you share ,it will help everyone who usually just fix trigger without considering that points
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